Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Beta 1 Patch Tool Released


Well here it is. This has all of shadow mario’s collisions. The game should also be completable with this patch. Note: this version is only 2-player.

The download includes a patcher program to reduce the download size. Patching takes about 5 minutes. What it does is decompress the image so that direct changes could be made, instead of patching over the compression. I wrote the patcher specifically for this mod, but it can be used in the future for any SMS mod.

This should work on console, including Nintendont.

One response to “Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Beta 1 Patch Tool Released”

  1. it works on nintendont and dolphin just fine for me but I burned it to a disc and tried it on my real gamecube and it won’t recognize it at all, but my other burned games load just fine. Regular burned mario sunshine works too. I tried with GCOS, and Swiss, and just normal using XenoGC. Nothing.

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