Blastsoft Wallpaper Scheduler Released!

This tool allows you to schedule wallpapers to be shown at certain times of the days. The current version allows you to set jpg images to be set at the wallpaper at scheduled times. This program is designed to only run when needed, and in the background.

You can download the utility here:

News Blog Now Active

I have added a news blog to the site to easily add and spread news. This feature will hopefully allows us to grow quicker, and be able to update our users more effectively!

The news blog can be accessed here: Blastsoft News.                                                                  You can subscribe to it through FeedBurner! (

Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor Released

The Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor allows you to edit Super Mario Sunshine scenes without using a hex editor. This will make ROM hacks significantly easier!

You can download the program here: Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor

Demonstrations of the software can be found here: Popping Tramplin Stu

A tutorial on using the program can be found here: Super Mario Sunshine ROM Hacking Tutorial