New Text to ASCII/Emoticon Web App

This new app allows you to convert text into a larger text made out of a phrase or emoticon. For example you could create a large smiley face out of smaller smiley faces, like so:


I specifically optimized the tool to work with Steam’s new emoticons, but it should work with any other IM program or textbox. This program also launches the Blastsoft’s new Web App section accessible from any page.

You can see the Web App here:

Steam App Buddy Released!


Steam App Buddy released! This tool allows you to quickly organize your steam games into categories. No longer will you have to open the right click menu on them one by one. Now you can either drag and drop them into the correct group, or have the program sort them for you!

This program also replaces Steam Shortcut Buddy because it has the ability to read and import steam shortcuts and sort them like the rest of your games. You can import shortcuts as easily as dragging the file into the game list.

You can download it here:

Blastsoft Wallpaper Scheduler Released!

This tool allows you to schedule wallpapers to be shown at certain times of the days. The current version allows you to set jpg images to be set at the wallpaper at scheduled times. This program is designed to only run when needed, and in the background.

You can download the utility here:

Blastsoft Projects Update

Currently a new version of Time Lapse is prepping to be released. The key new feature to Demo is online multiplayer and new multiplayer maps.The update also address user settings concerns and minor graphical improvements.

We also are currently getting original music for the game being implemented slowly with credit going to fedé.

We’re hoping for this release to be a bit more entertainment rather than the engine test the previous one was.