Discord Avatar and Username Changer for Bots!

Previously making a change to your avatar or username required having to use the discord api yourself. Now no longer, this tool can use your oAuth token to change your username and avatar on demand via the api.

So now no more need to craft your own script or manually craft the api call to make these changes. Just use the tool at https://blastsoftstudios.com/dac

None of your information is stored or logged additionally the webapp utilizes https so the transaction is completely encrypted.


Time Lapse Demo 2 Released

We have not launched the 2nd demo installment of our game Time Lapse. The critical new feature with this demo is now only revamped effects and cleaned up code, but an all new Internet multi-player feature. You can host games and join games your friends host. Also coming is an all new Blastsoft server that will host a public game for anybody to join. No accounts required! Stay tuned to our blog and forum for an announcement on the server launch date. Happy Gaming!

Download Link:


Time Lapse Demo 2 Screenshot

Blastsoft Projects Update

Currently a new version of Time Lapse is prepping to be released. The key new feature to Demo is online multiplayer and new multiplayer maps.The update also address user settings concerns and minor graphical improvements.

We also are currently getting original music for the game being implemented slowly with credit going to fedé.

We’re hoping for this release to be a bit more entertainment rather than the engine test the previous one was.