Author: Michael

  • The Swoop 64 Update

    Team Zenden’s entry to the N64Brew game jam. Captured on a N64 using a capture card. This is an updated version with audio fixes and graphical improvements. If you play on emulator, make sure you use an accurate graphics plugin. I recommend Project64 with GlideN64.

  • Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Beta 1 Patch Tool Released

    Download:… Forums: Well here it is. This has all of shadow mario’s collisions. The game should also be completable with this patch. Note: this version is only 2-player. The download includes a patcher program to reduce the download size. Patching takes about 5 minutes. What it does is decompress the image so that […]

  • SMS Bin Editor Released!

    Fixes: Fixed some bmg files not saving properly. Fixed preview not updating after duplicating objects. Fixed manager not updating trees after scene list is changed. Fixed manager not opening certain files. Fixed several crashes in both the bin editor and manager. You can always download the latest version here:

  • SMS Bin Editor 1.2.4 Released!

    A new version of the SMS Bin Editor has been released! Changes: Added translate button to quickly translate japanese text. SMS Manager can now read/create .arc and .szs files without external programs. SMS Manager can automatically copy the SMS root from the “./root” folder. SMS Manager can now configure Dolphin to test project without compressing […]

  • Blastsoft News Back Online

    The news portion of this site is back online, but data from before December 2014 has been lost. Here is a short list of Bin Editor updates from 1.1.1:   *Rally editor is now built into the bin editor. (Rails will show in preview when open) *PRM editor added. *BMT texture support added. (“DisplayTexture COMMENT […]

  • SMS Bin Editor 1.1.1 Released

    Fixed glitch where sometimes parameters won’t update Fixed glitch where some files are saved incorrectly Bug Fixes Added rally editor to edit paths of moving platforms You can download the latest version here:

  • Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor v1.1 Update Released

    An update for Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor is now available on this site. This update adds: A fast method for setting preset parameters for objects Find search Shortcut Keys More objects classified Behind the scene additions Super cool icon made by me Bug fixes You can find it here:

  • Update for Steam App Buddy Released

    An updated for Steam App Buddy was released. This update contains the following changes: Games which have not been run yet will be found and added to the game list. Fixed rare glitch where games without tags would not save new tags properly. You can download it here:

  • New Text to ASCII/Emoticon Web App

    This new app allows you to convert text into a larger text made out of a phrase or emoticon. For example you could create a large smiley face out of smaller smiley faces, like so: I specifically optimized the tool to work with Steam’s new emoticons, but it should work with any other IM program […]

  • Steam App Buddy Released!

    Steam App Buddy released! This tool allows you to quickly organize your steam games into categories. No longer will you have to open the right click menu on them one by one. Now you can either drag and drop them into the correct group, or have the program sort them for you! This program also […]