Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer Beta 1 Patch Tool Released


Well here it is. This has all of shadow mario’s collisions. The game should also be completable with this patch. Note: this version is only 2-player.

The download includes a patcher program to reduce the download size. Patching takes about 5 minutes. What it does is decompress the image so that direct changes could be made, instead of patching over the compression. I wrote the patcher specifically for this mod, but it can be used in the future for any SMS mod.

This should work on console, including Nintendont.

Discord Avatar and Username Changer for Bots!

Previously making a change to your avatar or username required having to use the discord api yourself. Now no longer, this tool can use your oAuth token to change your username and avatar on demand via the api.

So now no more need to craft your own script or manually craft the api call to make these changes. Just use the tool at

None of your information is stored or logged additionally the webapp utilizes https so the transaction is completely encrypted.


SMS Bin Editor Released!


  • Fixed some bmg files not saving properly.
  • Fixed preview not updating after duplicating objects.
  • Fixed manager not updating trees after scene list is changed.
  • Fixed manager not opening certain files.
  • Fixed several crashes in both the bin editor and manager.

You can always download the latest version here:

SMS Bin Editor 1.2.4 Released!

A new version of the SMS Bin Editor has been released!



  • Added translate button to quickly translate japanese text.
  • SMS Manager can now read/create .arc and .szs files without external programs.
  • SMS Manager can automatically copy the SMS root from the “./root” folder.
  • SMS Manager can now configure Dolphin to test project without compressing szs files or creating gcn file.
  • Wizard tool added to Scene Reader to allow quick addition of game objects.
    • Wizard tool can also empty maps.
  • Updated parameters to give Wizard tool functionality.
  • Fixed glitch where objects duplicated from duplicated objects didn’t save.
  • Fixed preview not updating in some cases.

You can always download the latest version here:

Blastsoft News Back Online

The news portion of this site is back online, but data from before December 2014 has been lost.

Here is a short list of Bin Editor updates from 1.1.1:


*Rally editor is now built into the bin editor. (Rails will show in preview when open)
*PRM editor added.
*BMT texture support added. (“DisplayTexture COMMENT mapobj/kibako.bmt” or “ArrowBoardUp_tex COMMENT mapobj/arrowboard.bmt”).
*Can now set drawing color with parameters. (“DisplayColor COMMENT Yellow” or “DisplayColor COMMENT 0x00FFFF”).
*Editor will read RotationX, RotationY, and RotationZ parameters if there is no Pitch, Yaw, or Roll. This means you can use RotationX/Y/Z in your parameter files without any problems from the editor.


New Features:
*BMG Editor
*Click to select (objects only)
*Drag to move (objects only)

*Parameter files now named after object names. To update your parameters quickly, delete the included parameters folder and copy yours in. Then run the “UpdateParameters.bat” batch file and point it to the folder where you keep all your .bin files. The program will run through all bin files and match the hashes to the object names.
*PRM Editor fully functioning.
*RAL Editor fully functioning.

*Preview no longer crashes when either a sky or map isn’t found.
*Various bug fixes.


*Can add new objects
*Can resize objects
*Can edit outside bmg files
*Can import stage warp information from StageArc.bin and the common directory
*Faster scene loading


*Inserted objects default to camera location and scale of 1. –No default values for other parameters yet.
*Improved preview loading performance.
*Improved performance when inserting objects, pasting objects, and duplicating objects.
*Fixed duplicating objects not working properly.
*Rail key frames can now be selected and moved in the preview.
*Added scene corrupter for fun.
*More .bmg types supported.
*Flags show up in preview


*Fixed some crashes.
*Fixed some command line arguments not working.
*You can now add, edit or remove warps in the Warp Finder.
*Added optional project manager application for quickly exporting/importing all the szs/arc files.


Current version is 1.2.3. New version will be released Soon™.